Emma Carpenter, MSW

Doctoral Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison
SSWR Student Task Force Representative

Research Interests: Intersection of family planning and social work, reproductive and sexual health,  reproductive health policy, pregnancy and parenting for queer parents.


Danielle R. Adams, BA

Doctoral Student, University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration

Research Interests: Dissemination and implementation science; Child and adolescent mental health; Recovery-oriented system transformation; Child welfare; Poverty and inequality.

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Kess L. Ballentine, MSW, LGSW

Doctoral Student, Howard University, School of Social Work

Research Interests: Trauma, Child Welfare, Social Work education, Cultural Competence, Clinical Soical Work.


Jonah P. DeChants, MSSP

Doctoral Student, University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work

Research Interests: Youth homelessness, Youth empowerment, Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) youth, Participatory action research (PAR) methodologies

Kyle T. Ganson, MSW, LCSW, LCSW

Doctoral Candidate, Simmons College School of Social Work

Research Interests: Eating disorders, men's and boy's health, mental health care access and policy, social work education

Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons, MPH, CPH

Doctoral Student, University of Utah

Research Interests: The intersections of health, technology, and gender-based violence


Grace Gowdy, MSW

Doctoral Student, Boston University

Research Interests: Community and family influence on upard mobility; informal mentorship for youth


Kimberly A. Hogan, MA, MSW

Doctoral Student, Arizona State University School of Social Work

Research Interests: Sex Trafficking Intervention Research; LGBTQ youth and young adults; Homeless and Runaway Youth

Catherine Kramer, MSW, LMSW, MPA

Doctoral Student, University at Albany - SUNY, School of Social Welfare

Research Interests: Collective Impact, Community Parternships & Collaborations, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, Educational Disparities

Braden K. Linn, MSW, LMSW, MCMP

Doctoral Candidate, University at Buffalo School of Social Work, State University of New York

Research Interests: Relationship between alcohol abuse and traumatic stress; veterans; treatment of alcohol use disorders

Julia M. O'Connor, MSW, MPH

Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University, School of Social Work

Research Interests: Violence against women; campus sexual violence; prevention; sexual violence perpetration; evaluation research

Sara Terrana, MA, MSW

Doctoral Candidate, UCLA - Luskin School of Public Affairs, Dept. of Social Welfare

Research Interests: Nonprofit and voluntary sector; community-based organizations; founders of organizations; social identity; poverty and inequality at the neighborhood level; social policy