SSWR Doctoral Student Spotlight

The SSWR Doctoral Student Members Task Force is launching a new series featuring research conducted by doctoral students. The series is intended to bring awareness and attention to the research being done by social work doctoral students, as well as important issues in the field. One spotlight piece will be featured each week on the SSWR Doctoral Student Member Blog & Facebook Page during the fall 2018 semester. 

Skye Allmang

Skye Allmang

Getting Stuck or Moving Out: An Examination of Precarious Employment Trajectories and Self-Reported Health in Young Adults

Student Researcher: Skye Allmang, University of California, Los Angeles

About the Researcher: Skye Allmang is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Social Welfare at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She holds a Master of Public Policy from Brandeis University and a Master of Social Welfare from UCLA. Her research focuses on youth employment issues, with a particular interest in addressing barriers to employment.

Description of the Study: My dissertation uses nationally-representative, longitudinal data to examine the relationship between changes in employment quality over the course of young adulthood and a range of health-related outcomes, including general health, mental health, and behavioral health outcomes.

Methodological Approach: I am using latent class analysis to identify four precarious employment trajectories. From there, I am conducting descriptive analyses, as well as analyses based on general linear models.

Implications: Findings are expected to have implications for the development of effective social programs and policies to prepare young adults to successfully enter and maintain employment within the current context of the U.S. labor market.

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