Coffee With A Scholar: An Introduction

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Coffee with a Scholar (CWS) is…

Coffee with a Scholar (CWS) is a mentor matching program that matches doctoral students and faculty members for one-hour coffee meetings at SSWR’s annual conference. This program is organized by the Doctoral Committee of SSWR. This year we will be celebrating our third year of implementing CWS. Coffee with a Scholar is a simple way to promote effective mentorship, which has meaningful effects for doctoral students. Last year 87% of mentors and 91% of mentees were very satisfied with their participation. This year we hope to match 200 students with faculty members from around the country! Sign up when you register for SSWR before November 30th!

I liked how casual it was and it was really focused on the needs of the individual person and what they were looking for in a mentor.
— 2019 Mentor
I really enjoyed participating in the Coffee with a Scholar program. Although my mentor and I were not perfect matches based on substantive research interests, we had a great time during our SSWR meeting and I felt that we connected really well. I found the program to be a great opportunity to meet an established faculty member that I would not otherwise have had the chance to meet.
— 2018 Mentee